Shamus Rae article

The 3 cornerstones of a successful AI strategy

Shamus Rae, Head of Innovation and Investments, KPMG

Shamus is responsible for understanding how AI will impact KMPG’s business and the wider professional services industry. In his thoughts, Shamus outlines where he believes take up of AI is within the sector and his recommendations for a successful AI strategy.

‘Currently firms have a people-first, technology-second strategy. Yet our research shows that in ten years’ time, clients will expect their first interaction with a professional services company to be via a device.’

Read more about how Shamus recommends companies consider their approach to AI adoption below.

In all likelihood, professional services organisations are utilising AI without even realising it. For example, when they look through documents in a deal room, AI will be embedded to help them find the prevalent information quickly.

This is pretty representative of most AI investment within the sector. However, times are changing. Shifting operational environments mean that companies are having to reimagine what their business might look like in five or ten years’ time in order to remain competitive and profitable. That is giving them the impetus to think about how AI can positively impact their business.

The first thing that strikes our clients when they look into the future is how the dynamic between people and technology is changing.

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