With technology playing such a fundamental role in today’s professional service industry, you can’t afford to experience significant IT downtime, poor connectivity or ongoing support issues. It’s therefore vital to ensure you get the best possible service from your IT provider at all times.

Whether you’re approaching the end of your current IT contract, unhappy with the level of service you receive or you just get the feeling you might be paying too much, benchmarking your IT service will help you determine whether you have the right partner in place.

In basic terms, IT benchmarking compares the performance of your IT service provider with the offerings of other services, based on a range of cost efficiency and effectiveness measures.

Ultimately, the objectives are to identify the potential for optimising your IT set-up and cost of ownership, as well as understanding how performance could be enhanced. So, even if you are relatively happy with the service you receive at present, IT benchmarking is still a worthy process to identify where there is room for improvement.

Engaging an independent third party to undertake the benchmarking on your behalf is a sensible approach, although many firms choose to conduct this exercise on their own.

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