Seddons report

Seddons’s Journey to GDPR Compliance Uncovered Gaps in Software Functionality

London-based Seddons uses cleanDocs and contentCrawler software to ensure optimal data security, searchability and to support their GDPR compliance goals.

In early 2017, Seddons’ launched an initiative to ensure the firm would be compliant with GDPR regulations before the May 2018 deadline. In conjunction with Seddons’ Data Protection Officer, the firm hired an outside consultant to advise the firm on the GDPR compliance project.

Seddons already have several software products installed that assist with efficiency and productivity, namely case management system Proclaim® from Eclipse, and pdfDocs and compareDocs from DocsCorp.

To mitigate any potential data breaches where users have accidentally mistyped email addresses, the firm had installed an email recipient domain name checking software product. However, Seddons’ license agreement for that product was expiring, providing an opportune time to seek a more all-encompassing solution, which would also include metadata cleaning.

As part of the GDPR compliance project, the firm embarked on a data mapping exercise to pinpoint where the firm’s data was being stored. The data map revealed that the firm had accumulated a large amount of “dark data” – unsearchable files such as scanned PDFs and TIFF and other image and graphic files like JPGs and BMPs. The firm realised it needed a product that could continuously audit the dark data, discover any searchable text in those files, and perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on the files to create a searchable text layer for each.

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