Real Estate v Technology

Real Estate & Technology

A couple of weeks ago I attended a technology summit, primarily as rather than being yet another #PropTech event, (and I have nothing against those I hasten to add) it was specifically targeted at all service sectors, particularly legal and finance, as well as real estate. The opportunity to consider similar issues through a different lens was too good to pass up.

It’ll likely come as no surprise that I – and others – believe that the real estate industry has historically been very insular, particularly in the realm of technology (after all, why change what has been largely a successful formula to date?) Times are changing of course and these days you can’t turn a corner without stumbling into a property technology event of one description or another. That’s great, but it does mean that we are still looking for the answers within the sector, and potentially ignoring both solutions and problems that will continue to impact us from other industries.

This therefore provided the opportunity to see what is on the horizon in a much broader context. We must not forget that arguably the property sector, certainly in very specific but growing areas, is becoming increasingly service orientated and thus it is no longer necessarily about the building in the sense that it used to be, but additionally about what the occupiers of the building want.

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Robert Stark

Robert Stark

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