Kent-based law firm chooses Oosha to support their IT.

10th June 2019 – As of January 2019, Oosha has supported Clarkson Wright & Jakes in their move to a hosted desktop solution. For the remainder of the three-year relationship, CWJ has also chosen Oosha to provide them with a comprehensive level of managed user support, including assistance for 3rd party applications.

Founded in 1875, CWJ has grown its firm and reputation over five generations, with values rooted in a strong tradition of integrity and service. Their proactive approach to modern practice required up-to-date technology to support their 80+ users in upholding this level of service.

With CWJ’s initial priority being to move their systems into the cloud, the focus began with the migration of the current on-premise solution to a cloud desktop solution hosted at Oosha’s Private Data Centre. Oosha’s team started working closely with CWJ’s in-house IT team to provide 3 rd party support for software related issues on their key business applications including EnVision, BigHand and CCH Central. This allows CWJ’s internal IT team to regain focus on their technology projects to increase the adoption of software and maximise the efficiency of the technology in place.

Following a structured and stringent tendering process run by Lights-On Consulting, Oosha was selected to deliver the solution for increased security, performance and mobility.

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