HSBC Case Study2

HSBC is developing a global and more effective knowledge sharing culture.

HSBC needed a new knowledge management strategy and online tool to improve collaboration and encourage a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning. After a thorough RFP  process, they chose HighQ’s platform to help them achieve their objectives.

The challenge: Moving to a world of more collaborative working 

The legal function at HSBC comprises approximately 1,300 people spread across 46 countries, so maximising the collaboration and effectiveness of their working practices is a top priority. As is  the case with many businesses where many people are under multiple pressures, a key challenge is persuading people to share details of their individual work more transparently to make the business of the wider enterprise more productive.

To respond to this pressure, the department needed a new knowledge sharing system and tool explains Jessica Magnusson, global head of legal knowledge.

“We needed a place to share legal know how and updates, and find information quickly, along with the knowledge of who else had worked on particular areas in the past.” Jessica Magnusson, HSBC

The solution: A new global knowledge hub

Magnusson began a review of the legal function’s existing practices in late 2015 and found the bank’s legal team was using several different platforms for knowledge management.

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