NHS reveals its new workforce plan

The newly published interim People Plan for the NHS in England sets out proposals for the future of its workforce. The plan, which has been developed in partnership with the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Nursing, managers and staff, focuses on creating an “agile, inclusive and modern” workforce across NHS employers in England.

The plan covers five key themes: Making the NHS the best place to work; Improving leadership culture; Addressing urgent workforce shortages in nursing; Delivering 21st century care; and a new operating model for the workforce. It says flexible working for all NHS staff will increase through “technology and a change in people practices,” including the availability of in-house staff banks, enabled by technology, that will offer more opportunities for people to work flexibly.

The plan also proposes a new leadership ‘compact’ to establish the cultural values and leadership behaviours expected from NHS leaders, and the support they can expect in return.

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