Equipping decision makers

Equipping Decision-Makers to Understand Business Performance at a Glance

Case Study:

Dashboard environment.

Equipping decision-makers with the ability to understand business performance at a glance. Take corrective and strategic action at the best time through automated real-time reporting.

How can we help?

We have delivered dashboard environments in a range of business contexts. We work with you to incorporate meaningful KPIs that help you get a complete view of present and past performance, pinpoint the problem areas and give you access to the information you need to drive decision-making, when you need it.

The result

  • Monitor and act on meaningful KPIs in real time, rather than weeks in arrears
  • Visualise present and historical performance of your business as it’s happening
  • Spot emerging trends and automatically report on exceptions for action
  • Deep dive to get a close look at performance in specific areas
  • Access insights on Web and Mobile from wherever you are

“Ecovis Wingrave Yeats provided us with a refreshed view of our existing financial data, which both clarified and simplified our approach to budget setting and financial management. With clearly defined and accessible high level financial data, this will provide the Board key data to support business decisions and growth strategy. As a result of our experience and delivery from Ecovis our financial data is now visible to the key stakeholders in the business. As a client, the experience was extremely positive and we worked closely together with input on both sides in evolving the dashboards to their live version which we are extremely pleased with taking us to the next level of live financial data and reporting.”

Managing Partner, Stephens Scown

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