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Practical Applications for Accountancy

While the wider media is awash with breathless articles proclaiming how artificial intelligence (AI) will take over the world of work, the concept has only just begun to permeate the accounting space outside the Big Four.

Becky Shields, partner at Kingston Smith feels that “some of the added value of AI comes in being able to bring big data analytics to the table for small businesses”.

Read more about Becky’s conversation with Tom Herbert from AccountingWEB below.

This ‘AI future’ can seem quite nebulous and far away to your average high street firm, but according to one leading practitioner currently using AI, there are practical, affordable solutions available now for accountants to apply, using techniques they may already be employing.

Becky Shields, partner at top 20 firm Kingston Smith, told AccountingWEB that it was important to cut through the hype and demystify what AI is currently doing
for the profession, and what it could do in the future.

For Shields, the millions of pounds spent by the Big Four firms on AI solutions has skewed accountants’ perspectives, and there are reasonably priced, flexible tools firms can adopt now that could make a difference in the way they work.

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